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Team meetings, board meetings, client meetings and sales meetings; all of them are a vast part of every day’s business in bigger and smaller companies. Is your company organizing a meeting abroad? Mister Everywhere support meetings all over the world with a global network of local expertise.

Whether it’s for hotel selection, venue finding, activities and transport, Mister Everywhere can offer full support in organizing your meeting everywhere in the world.


Are you organizing a client event abroad? Or are you planning a product launch, business trip, benchmark study of other kind of business event? Mister Everywhere can support you event everywhere in the world.

With a global network of local expertise we can organize and support your event in many ways. Mister Everywhere offers hotel selection, venue finding, activities, transport and more.

Mister Everywhere
Global network

Mister Everywhere offers support in organizing incentives with a network covering 5 continents, 125 countries and 650 cities.

Local expertise

Mister Everywhere is a network of local experts in meetings and events. Our local experts have 5 to 30 years of local experience in meetings and events.


Mister Everywhere offers support for organizing team meetings, board meetings, client meetings and sales meetings everywhere in the world.


* product launch
* client event
* business trip
* benchmark study
* special events


– hotel selection
– venue finding
– activities
– transport
– special requests


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