Incentives & team building


Incentives are very effective to reward and motivate employees. Major as well as smaller companies use incentives annually to celebrate goals, achieved by their valuable workforce. The globe offers many destinations to fulfill these incentives, whether it’s the cosmopolitan atmosphere of big cities, Mediterranean scenery for activities and beach, jungles in Africa and South-America or the Nordic with their remote places and adventures.

Mister Everywhere offers a global network of local expertise for organizing incentives everywhere in the world.

Team building

Team building is an essential and integrated part in successful companies. Development and the strengthening of teams are valuable and critical principles for companies in a competitive environment. Whether it’s about an academic approach or raising team spirit through adventurous and fun activities, team building is an ongoing concern for successful companies.

Mister Everywhere offers a global network with local expertise in organizing team building everywhere in the world.

Mister Everywhere
Global network

Mister Everywhere offers support in organizing incentives with a network covering 5 continents, 125 countries and 650 cities.

Local expertise

Mister Everywhere is a network of local experts in incentives and team building. Our local experts have 5 to 30 years of local experience in incentives and team building.


Mister Everywhere organizes unforgettable, surprising, breath taking, adventurous and monumental events.

Team building

Mister Everywhere offers a wide variety of activities for team building to connect people and strengthen teams.


– Hotels
– Activities
– Special venues
– Transport & more…


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