Warsaw inspiration

Warsaw from the past

Discover the city driving by old-timer trams along the most popular tourist routes. Enjoy local beverages and food service on board with “Warsaw Originals” – a typical backyard chapel playing Warsaw music from 20s and 30s. Walk through the Old Town, taste Polish tapas, admire the Royal Castle and stroll along the Vistula Boulevards.

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Crème de la crème of Polish cuisine

Our pierogi cooking class gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the culinary customs of Poland. Pierogi are famous dumplings filled with meat, cabbage, mushrooms and fruits. Become a Polish chef and enjoy the result!

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Warsaw contrasts

Exciting tour by famous, legendary old-timer cars „Fiat Polski 126 p“, called the „Communist-Limousine“. Discover the socialist realistic architecture of the city including the monumental Palace of Culture and Science, the trendy Praga district as well as the modern skyscrapers. Team building tasks on route and local refreshments guarantee lots of fun.

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iPad Challenge

Discover Warsaw through iPad tasks! Broaden your knowledge of the city, face diverse team activities, solve puzzles, interact with local people and test your speed of reaction!
A number of local stories and secrets are waiting to be uncovered during our iPad challenge in the city centre, Old Town or Praga district.

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Warsaw by bike

Enjoy a bike ride through the Old Town, along the Royal Route to downtown Warsaw. Cross the Vistula River admiring the panoramic view over the city and discover the trendy Praga district. During the tour you will taste some Polish specialities and visit the Vodka Museum.

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Blue days

Take part in water sport activities and strengthen your team after the conference day! Enjoy the sailing regatta, motor boat and water scooter rides or kayaking on the Vistula River or the lake just outside the city. Spend a good time on the sandy beach having a barbecue and chill out.

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